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7 things you should know about Kaluts of Lut desert 2019

Lut desert or Dasht e Lut is Iran's 1st natural world heritage and a huge desert spreading throughout 3 provinces. Still, the biggest and most attractive part of it belongs to Kerman. Kaluts (or Kalouts) that are considered as one of the main attractions of Lut,...

The Best & Cheapest Ways to Go to Kerman

You are planning your visit to Lut desert of Iran to see the Kaluts and you are wondering how can you get to Kerman? Let's first put your mind at ease, getting to Kerman is pretty easy and you don't need to plan 3 months in advance. Fortunetly, most of the times you...

5 Things You Should Know About Maymand 2019

5 Things You Should Know About Maymand 2019

1. Why Maymand? Meymand is a very ancient village which is located near Shahr-e Babak city in Kerman Province, Iran. Meymand is believed to be a primary human residence in the Iranian Plateau, dating back to 12,000 years ago. Many of the residents live in the 350...

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