Find yourself again

Looking for a destination, A bike or tours?

If cycling is your thing, this is the best place to be since we have countless options for you. From seeking your next routes to renting a bike and all variety of tours; you can find all here.

With only a deposition, renting a bike was never this easy in Iran. Also we can arrange guided tours on ours or you own bicycle in Kerman city attractions or even an tialor made adventure tour in our formidable nature!

A City Tour

Come with us to see the mesmerising Kerman city on a bike. Feel this ancient place under your wheels, enjoy our multiple offers and discover the known and unknown places.

Your Bike, Your Style

Rent the bikes and experience the city by yourself and according to your style and in your desireable spots. As long as you have us, don’t worry about the hot spots to discover; Kerman is full of them!