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Kerman City


Kerman city is provincial capital of Kerman and the biggest city in south east of Iran. Kerman has about 800 thousand inhabitants and is located on a sandy plein about 1700 meters above the see level.

One of the most important aspect of this city that enabled it to become a big city was it’s location as a cross road. From thousands of years ago this city has connected West to East and North to South.

This city is surrounded by many mountains; among which Palvar and Joupar are the most important.

Most of the population are muslims; however, over the years many minorities, such as Zoroastrian took refugee and lived  in Kerman too.

Kerman is among the biggest carpet-exporting centers of Iran and it’s carpets are world famous.

What To See In Kerman?


Grand Bazaar

One of The Longest Bazaars in The World

Like most of Iran’s cities, Kerman’s bazaar had a huge role in every day life of people and even nowadays you see many who go there to buy their goods. Furthermore, the city itself was shaped by bazaar and around it.

Kerman’s grand bazaar dates back to more than 700 years ago and ever since many sections were added to it. As a result you can see the passage of time and it’s effect on style and architecture of different parts.

Each of this sections and periods have their own main attractions and these are the most important ones that you should see:

– Ganjalikhan complex were you can visit the huge yard, traditional bath house (hammam), water reservoir, coin museum, the amazing serai and …

We highly recommend every visitor to not to miss this amazing attraction.


A free walking tour of Bazaar


Durations: 3 hours

Type: sightseeing

Child friendly: yes

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We will explore the most original and best parts of Kerman’s bazaar

A complete tour of Bazaar & old parts of Kerman

Starting €10/person

Durations: 5 hours

Type: sightseeing

Highlights: grand bazaar, fire temple, Moshtaghieh dome and Jameh mosque of Kerman

Child friendly: yes

More Details

In this tour we will explore most parts of Kerman’s grand bazaar in addition to old part of the city; places such as Zoroastrian fire temple, Moshtaghiyeh dom and Jameh mosque.

What Else?

Top Places in Kerman City

Most of the visitors have at least one spare evening or morning to spend in the city. As a matter of fact, the good news is the options are unlimited and besides the main attractions of the city you can visit many places.

In the list below we have mentioned the most popular of these places.

In addition, there are numerous high-quality restaurants and cafes that you can spend your time in.

In the end, you can always count on us to show you around and make it unforgettable!

Fath-Abad Garden

Recently restored, this garden is one of the most to sees in Kerman.

It’s a Persian garden and as it seems it influence the construction and planning of the Shazdeh garden of Mahan a lot.

There is an entrance fee for this garden.

    Shivashkan Mountain

    Located in the east of Kerman city, this mysterious mountain is one of the most ancient and sacred places in Iran. Shivashkan is filled with ancient hills and archeological sites; however, unfortunately, nothing has been done around here.

    Nowadays, many people go there for a hike.


    Jabalieh dome is located at the bottom of Shivashkan mountain. This strange structure is made only with stones and dated back to about 1000 years ago!

    There are a couple of theories about the usage of this place, but, none of them were approved.

    Malek or Emam Mosque

    This mosque is the oldest in Kerman and dates back to about 1000 years ago.

    Visiting this amazing place is suggested to every tourist in Kerman.

    Fire Temple

    Kerman along Yadz have the most numbers of Zoroastrians in Iran.

    Kerman’s fire temple is located near Moghtagh sq. where you can still go and see the customs of this prehistorical religion.

    This attraction has an entrance fee.

      Dokhtar & Ardeshir Castle

      These two aged fortresses have thousands of years and no one is sure about their exact construction time or period.

      They are located in old part of the city and you have to hike a little bit to get there. 

      Moshtaghieh Dome

      If you’re looking for cool place to chill and relax for a little while, this is probably the best place in Kerman.

      Moshtagh-Ali shah was a great sufi who were killed and got buried here. This shrine has a mystical ambiance and is located at Moshtagh sq.