You are planning your visit to Lut desert of Iran to see the Kaluts and you are wondering how can you get to Kerman? Let’s first put your mind at ease, getting to Kerman is pretty easy and you don’t need to plan 3 months in advance. Fortunetly, most of the times you can effortlessly get a bus ticket to come here even at the spot. However, although there are couple of Tehran-Kerman flights and trains per day, it’s better to book them couple of days ahead.

In this post we provide all the information on how to get here, ways of transport, expense of them, how to get the ticket and get one for you if you’re interested, favorite next & previous destinations and etc.

Means of Travel

You have most of the transportation options for coming to Kerman. In this article we try to cover them all; highlighting everything that comes to mind , pros and cons, prices, schedule, and duration of each trip.

Down below you can leave comments and tell us if we have missed anything and help us to improve this post gradually . We promise to listen; after all, we want to start a family by helping each other.


Planes always have been one of the most favorite means of transportation; They are fast, safe, reliable and affordable. This statement make sense specially in a huge country like Iran where everything, even flights, are now cheap and you can find a airport in every magor city!

Although Kerman International Airport doesn’t have any international flights yet; but there are a fair number of domestic ones. Generally, there are numerous daily flights from and to Kerman (including 3 Tehran flights).

We listed flights to Kerman alongside with their schedule, duration and approximate price. You can buy your ticket on WeGo where you can search in english, have the option to choose your provider, compare the prices and make a decision (if you encounter any problems, you can always count on us):

Tehran to Kerman: everyday: 8:10, 18:20, 23:40/ 1h 40 min/ approximate price: €30

Shiraz to Kerman: Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays: 11:45 / 1h/ approximate price: €25

Isfahan to Kerman: Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays: 13:20/ 1h 10min/ approximate price: €25

Tabriz to Kerman: Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays: 10:50 / 3h 40min/ approximate price: €40

Kerman International Airport is located at the far west of Kerman City.

Mahan Air

Mahan air is the most trusted airline with newest planes in Iran and all the flight mentioned are belong to that company.


Buses are the most eco friendly, with least pollution vehicle for going on a trip and If you are on a budget, traveling by bus is the cheapest way of going somewhere in Iran. There is a station in just about every towns of Iran and practically you can go everywhere in this vast country this way. Moreover, one will be able to find many daily buses to most major cities and if you pay attention to little details you will get a very comfortable one too! If you are able to sleep on a moving vehicle; a cool trick would be to take a VIP night bus; this way you can get a relatively cozy place to sleep away all the hours and save on accommodation!

Kerman Bus Station

Be aware that there are many companies that you can choose from and they have more or less same quality. However I will advise to pay attention to the bus itself! Firstly, the number of seats in each row (obviously it’s more comfortable to be in a bus with 3 seats which is called V.I.P. in each row than 4 seats). Secondly usually buses with Volvo brand are more than 15 years old and less comfortable than ones with Scania which are usually newer. Among Scania buses, Maral is the newest in the line and they have more foot space too. So we would recommend to look for a Scania Maral when you want to have a nice and smooth journey. 

Although there are many farsi websites to get the tickets online but unfortunately right away we can not pinpoint an english one that includes Kerman. Anyhow, you can always ask us to book a bus for you and 1stquest might include Kerman in near future.

Scania Maral
Interior of a Regular Bus

They have 44 seats less space but the cheapest tickects.

Interior of a VIP Bus

With 25 seats and more individual space, these buses have more expensive tickects.

Destinations, Duration & Price

Tehran: more than 20 buses per day/ duration: 14h/ approximate price: €5 for regular & €8 for VIP

Yazd: more than 10 buses per day/ duration: 5h/ approximate price: €2 for regular & €3 for VIP

Shiraz: more than 25 buses per day/ duration: 8h/ approximate price: €3 for regular & €5 for VIP

Isfahan: more than 30 buses per day/ duration: 9h/ approximate price: €4 for regular & €6 for VIP

Bandar Abass: 10 buses per day/ duration: 7h 30min/ approximate price: €3 for regular & €5 for VIP

Zahedan: more than 10 buses per day/ duration: 7h 30min/ approximate price: €3 for regular & €4 for VIP

Bam: more than 20 buses per day/ duration: 2h 30min/ approximate price: €1.5 for regular & €2 for VIP

Tabriz: more than 20 buses per day/ duration: 2h 30min/ approximate price: €1.5 for regular & €2 for VIP


From way before, trains were always considered as a favorite means for traveling all around the globe. They are safe, affordable, cozy, sometimes fast (not in Iran!) and a reminder of good old times.  In Iran cruising by train gives additional benefit of getting to know local people, share a compartment and chat with them for a prolonged amount of time and this usually leads to cultural exchange and even making new friends which in my opinion is the first goal of tourism.

The railway that comes to Kerman, starts from Tehran and it’s final destination is Zahedan and this is a list of all stops:
Tehran- Kashan- Yazd- Bafgh- Zarand- Kerman- Bam- Zahedan

Joopar and Bon Rail are the 2 companies who provide train for Kerman. Joopar has 6 seats in each compartment, cheaper and more basic. Bon Rail offers better quality, 4 seats compartments with most options and of course it is more expensive. Here is their schedule:

Tehran- Kerman: every day at 19:55duration: 14h 30min/ approximate price: €8
Kerman- Tehran: every day at 16:10/ duration: 14h 30min/ approximate price: €8

Bon Rail: 
Tehran- Kerman: Monday, Wednesday , Saturday at 17:15/ duration: 14h/ approximate price: €15
Kerman- Tehran: Monday, Wednesday , Saturday at 19:30/ duration: 14h/ approximate price: €15

Kerman train station

Joopar train compartmentThe Compartment of Joopar trains, 6 seats and not that comfortable

Bon Rial's CompartmentThe Compartment of Bon Rial trains, more space, better seats and more amenities

Shared Taxi

Iranians use mostly road and their own car on vacations; as a result most of the road have a good quality and there is a freeway between all the main cities. On the other hand finding a shared taxi for the next town is always facile and during daytime (work hours) the only thing that you have to do is to find the station (it’s usually based at the last main street before the main road to the next town. The price is a little more expensive than the bus; but, the benefit of this way of crossing Iran is you will get to your destination much faster.


Hitchhiking is getting more and more common these days in Iran. In most of the cases you will find a car to take you to your next destination only by waving hand, thumbing up or showing the name of your destination.

Common Destinations

Even though we mentioned most of ways to come here you still might have difficulties finding the best way to come to Kerman from a given city; so, here is a list of best ways to get to or come from a given place from or to Kerman:


Our recommendation: 1h 40min flight for €30
The cheapest and comfortable way: 14h VIP bus for €8
Middle ground: 14h 30 min Bon Rail train for €15


Our recommendation: 9h VIP bus for €6
the 1h 10min flight can be a good choise if you can meet their schedjual


Our recommendation: 8h VIP bus for €5
the 1h flight can be a good choise if you can meet their schedjual


Our recommendation: 5h VIP bus for €3

Qeshm Island:

Our recommendation:

  1. got to Bandar Abass by a VIP night bus: 7h 30min for €5
  2. get a taxi from bus station to Shahid Haghani port: 15min for €1
  3. get a ferry to Qeshm island (the first one leaves at 7a.m.) : 1h €1

Bandar Abass:

Our recommendation: 7h 30min VIP bus for €5


Our recommendation: 7h 30min VIP bus for €4


Our recommendation: 2h 30min VIP bus for €2
A shared taxi would be another option


Our recommendation: 3h 40min VIP bus for €40 (since they don’t provide daily flights, you can use Tehran as a correspond which will cost more of course)

We hope that this post can help you throughout your visit to Kerman. Is there anything that we missed? What is your favorite way to travel in Iran? What do you put in consideration when you want to choose a way of traveling? Please share with us down below and we will update this post accordingly.


Bon voyage.

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