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 2 Days tour of Maymand | Live The Ancient Historys

Maymand or Meymand is located between Yazd and Kerman; so, we suggest travelers to book the tour before getting to Kerman to save time. Also, keep in mind that, it is possible to combine this tour to a 2 days tour of Lut and do all of them in just 3 days! You can find those tours below this page.

In the first day of this tour you will see the mesmerizing Maymand, eat the local foods with inhabitants, try their lifestyle and sleep in a cave dwellings carved out of the soft rock (kamar).

The second day you will visit the fire temple, museum, old hammam (bath), mosque and get familiar with this prehistorical land.


Day 1:

The starting time of this tour will depend on your location; since, we can come pick you up in Anar town in middle of Yazd-Kerman road. However, it should be around 9 a.m. from Kerman or 11 a.m. from Anar. The driving time should be around 3 hours; therefore, depending on where and when we eat our lunch, we will be in Maymand after noon.

The first thing that we do reaching the village, would be to check into our rooms from one of the 350 hand-dug caves over there and after a little rest we go for a walk around the place where we can enjoy the fresh air and magnificent landscape. In the evening we eat the dinner at locals, talk with them for a while and finally go to one of the hand-dug houses for sleeping.

Day 2:

After waking up around 8 a.m. and eating the breakfast we go to see the ancient village and we see the many attractions that were mentioned before. This part of the tour should be finished before noon when we go back to Kerman and eat the lunch on the way.

Tour Details:

Start point: anyplace in Kerman city or Anar

End point: anyplace in Kerman city

Start: 9 a.m. in day 1 *

Ends: 2 p.m. in day 2 *

Driving Hours: 6-7 hours

Highlights: World heritage site of Maymand, experienceing the local’s life and food, staying in one of the hand-dug houses in rocks, visiting the fire temple, musuem, hammam and mosque.

Transport: New car in good condition with AC

Options: adding one of the Lut desert tours 

Children Friendly: Yes


* Timetable may vary a little throughout the year.

  • 1 Breakfast, 2 lunch and & 1 dinner
  • Trasportation (a new car with AC and local car for off road parts)
  • English Speaking guide and local guide
  • Water

Over View

  • 2 days
  • Best time: Only in winters it may be a little cold
  • Group size: Up to 3-4
  • Meals: 1B, 2L, 1D
  • Accommodation grade: Hand-dug house among rocks
  • Physical rating: 1 out of 5
  • Age group: +10


  • One person: €135
  • Two persons: €80 per person
  • Three persons: €70 per person
  • Four persons: €60 per person

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