Citadel of Bam

The oldest, The biggest

Citadel of Rayen

A window to the past

Shazdeh Garden

Persian Garden at it’s Best

 1 Day tour of Bam, Rayen of & Shahzadeh Garden 

Bam is an ancient city whose history goes back to prehistorical eras. Even nowadays most of the houses are actually palm tree gardens and this made UNESCO recognize Bam and it’s cultural landscape as a world heritage in 2004. The gigantic citadel –in Persian Arg e Bam-is one of the oldest and biggest of it’s kind and it was restored after the devastating earthquake of 2003. In addition, there are 2 qanats in Bam that are enlisted in UNESCO’s world heritages as well.

Rayen is located at the hillside of Hezar mountain (4500m and biggest in Kerman) and that’s why this region has colder weather in comparison to Kerman and Bam. Furthermore, this city can be a starting point to many hiking treks in Kerman; places such as Rayen’s waterfall, ascend of Hezar mountain, Gishigan village, Bab-zangi village, stone Kaluts, and an inactive volcano opening. Citadel or Castle of Rayen, the most visited monument in Rayen is dated back to Sassanid period (around 300 A.D) and a must to see the place over there.

Our last visit would be the fabulous garden of Shahzadeh in the town of Mahan who is another world heritage of Kerman.

In the morning  we will start our tour with heading toward Bam which will take around 2 hours of driving. Later and after reaching Bam we will visit the citadel and couple of cool places around there and after eating our lunch we will eventually hit the road again for our second itinerary; Rayen.

Getting to Rayen will take about 1 hour and we have enough time to visit the ancient citadel as long as we want. Our last item is Shahzadeh or Shazdeh (it means prince) garden of Mahan.

In the early evening we will reach Shahzadeh garden of Mahan where you will be amazed by how the Persian gardens work and why this is the best in the world. 

Eventually we will will be in Kerman in the evening.

Tour Details:
Start and End points: anyplace in Kerman City

Starts: 8 a.m *

Ends: 8 p.m. *

Driving Hours: 5-6 hours

Highlights: citadels of Bam & Rayen and Shazdeh garden.

Transport: New car in good condition with AC

Options: traditional hammam

Children Friendly: Yes


* Timetable may vary a little throughout the year.

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  • 1 Day
  • Best time: all year
  • Group size: Up to 12 
  • Accommodation grade: non
  • Physical rating: 1 out of 5
  • Age group: +2


  • One person: €110
  • Two persons: €65 per person
  • Three persons: €55 per person
  • Four persons: €50 per person