Boland-e-Nadideh Flat

Roof of Yalan


Step Among The Highest Sand Dunes in The World


Night, Silence, Kavir


The Best 4×4 Experience in Iran

2 Days tour of Yalan Dunes | The Hottest Spot on Earth | 4×4, Camping, Stargazing & Hiking


This tour is an exceptional excursion not only in Dasht-e Lut also in Iran. Along with us you will go through an untouched place that not many humains have gone. Additionally, this part of the Lut desert is considered among the hottest places on planet (up to 70 degrees) with highest sand dunes (up to 480m).

You will experience off-roading to it’s utmost degree; climbing and jumping over the dunes, going through mud and usually getting stuck. So, we will assignee the best drivers to this job! Imagine how cool it will be to stay there for 2 whole days and release the adrenaline.

If you want to have a more thorough experience of Yalan and Lut you can choose the 3 days of Yalan and Kaluts tour. where you can also visit the amous Snake’s Tongue canyon, Scorpion canyon and Kalouts. However, keep in mind, that depending on the weather, hours of daylight and the time that we spend in each place, it may be possible to skip one or two attractions.

*There is a chance that sky is not clear due to clouds or dust


Tour Details:
Start and End points: anyplace in Kerman or Bam

Starts: 7 a.m. in day 1 *

Ends: 11 p.m. in day 2 *

Driving Hours: It’s an all 4×4 tour

Transport: 4×4 car (Toyota Hilux in most cases)

Options: Camel Riding, Traditional hammam

Children Friendly: No


* Timetable may vary a little throughout the year.

  • English speaking guide
  • Professional 4×4 driver
  • water
  • all meals
  • Camping gears (tents, sleeping bags, mattresses)


  • Rig-e Yalan

  • Extreem 4×4

  • Ab-e Yalan or water of Yalan

  • Star Dunes

  • Boland-e-Nadideh Flat

  • Camping


  • 2 days
  • Best time: Winters
  • Meals: Full Board
  • Accommodation grade: Camping
  • Physical rating: 3 out of 5
  • Age group: +15

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