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2 Day tour of Lut desert | Kaluts, Camping, Stargazing & Shazdeh Garden


What can be possibly better that camping in middle of surreal Kaluts (or Kalouts) of Lut desert? We will take you to fascinating Dasht-e Lut (Iran’s first natural world heritage); visit many sites on our way (like Nebka mounds, qanat systems and salt river) et at last arrive at our campsite* in the outstanding Kalouts (it’s not actually a desert but some call it as “Kalout Desert”) for seeing the sunset** and spend a unforgettable night over there. Last but not least we will conclude our journey by seeing the Shahzadeh Garden of Mahan in the following morning.

Staying at a nearby ecolodge is possible (and recommended in summertime).
**There is a chance that sky is not clear due to clouds or dust


Day 1

We will start our trip around 2 p.m. *. In our 2 hours drive to Lut desert we will cross Sirch village and Palver mountains where the weather is cold even in summers and as a result you may experience a temperature differential of 25 degrees in just one hour!

In Lut we will visit Nebka Mounds, qanat systems (ancient water system in Iran), Salt River and Egg Hills and later on we reach the Kalouts before sunset. Taking as much time as we need, we will cherish the solitude that can be only found in Lut. Meanwhile, taking the most precious souvenir to get, photos.

After sunset, we can either spend the night in a friendly ecolodge nearby or camp in the midst of Kaluts. By telling anecdotes, drinking hot tea beside the fire and eating our homemade dinner it will become a hell of a night. Finally, there would be enough time to look up and nothing is like a night sky full of stars.

Day 2:

Early in the morning and after seeing the sunrise we will eat our breakfast and head for Shazdeh Garden of Mahan. This garden is among the 9 which were inscribed UNESCO’s World Heritage List and you will be amazed by how the Persian gardens work and why this is the best in the world. 

Eventually, we will head toward Kerman and will be there around noon.

Tour Details:

Start and End points: anyplace in Kerman City

Starts: 2 p.m. in day 1 *

Ends: 12 p.m. in day 2 *

Driving Hours: 4-5 hours

Highlights: Nebka mounds, Kalouts, Salt river, Egg hills, stargazing, seeing Milky-way, night photography, camping & Shahzadeh garden.

Transport: New car in good condition with AC

Options: Camel Riding, 4×4, Traditional hammam

Children Friendly: Yes


* Timetable may vary a little throughout the year.


2 meal, fruits, water, and juice


  • 2 days
  • Best time: Not summer
  • Meals: dinner and breakfast
  • Accommodation grade: Camping or ecolodge
  • Physical rating: 2 out of 5
  • Age group: +8


  • One person: €145
  • Two persons: €79 per person
  • Three persons: €65 per person
  • Four persons: €59 per person

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Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Desorientale
Kerman and the amazing Kalouts

We have spent two days around Kerman and in the Kalouts, which was to me the most amazing experience during my trip in Iran, especially because of the magnificent natural sites. Our guide Ali was very helpful because of his perfect knowledge of the area and his accommodating and sympathetic personality. The ecolodge we've spent the night in was very well chosen, serving excellent food. Watching the sunset in the Kalouts was definitely an unforgettable experience !

 by vaneezf
Lut Desert and surroundings

My friends and I made a trip to the Lut Desert with Visit Kerman. In our way to the desert, our guide told us a lot about Iranian history. He really knows about it. We saw the sunset at the desert, had a nice starry sky view that night and slept in tents. We visited a watering system, had a nice breakfast in an eco-lodge and went to an oasis village. Visiting that village was a very unique experience. Overall, if you like adventures, I recommend to have the Lut Desert camping experience, and I recommend Visit Kerman. The only thing is that it was the most expensive tour we made in Iran, but still was worth it. The places included on the tour are flexible, and up to the client, just make sure you agree on the locations you want to visit and the price before hand, and you will have a nice experience for sure!

 by Dmitry
Путешествие на Марс и не только туда...

У нас уже был готов маршрут по Ирану, когда я наткнулся на невероятные фотографии пустыни Калют. И все пришлось менять, добавлять еще один перелет, а также просить помощи у ребят из компании Visit Kerman. Отличная работа! Али очень хорошо владеет ощущением времени, мы прибывали в нужные точки в нужное время. Я увлекаюсь фотографией, поэтому рассветы и закаты - самое важное. В пустыне были как раз к началу "золотого часа". Отличный результат. Цены адекватные. Я общался еще с несколькими компаниями, порядок цен там был либо выше, либо такой же. Наверное, на месте можно найти что-то дешевле, но когда у вас цейтнот и необходимо организовать поездку непосредственно из аэропорта или автобусной станции, то Visit Kerman - отличный выбор, рекомендую!

 by Tanja
Amazing desert

We spent a night in the desert in a tent and it was absolutely amazing! Ali was a great guide and we loved every minute of our visit in Kerman and the desert. Definitely go for the drive deeper in the desert, that was the best part and stay the night in the tent enjoying the pece and quiet and millions of stars. The sunset and sunrise on top of the hill were fantastic.

 by Sabrina
What a wonderful experience!

In August had the pleasure for 2 days to have Ali as guide and driver to Kerman. Ali was wonderful with us, a person who love his country, the naturalistic sites of Iran and, of course, his job. He was very kind with us also, make us be very comfortable and involved during the day. The first day he picked us up from our hotel and we went to the Lut desert to see the Kalouts during sunset. We spent the night in a ecolodge (where we had a beautiful dinner) and the morning after Ali organised a 4x4 trip to explore the magic of the desert in sunrise. What a wonderful time and we had precise explanation of history and desert. On the way back we stopped in Mahan for a nice lunch in a location we'd never find by ourselves, where we eat delicious food. At the end of the day, Ali suggest us to go to a UNESCO Garden near Kerman, which was very impressive. We have a very great time! Ali speaks English very well, he is a polite and nice person and he has the capability to make you feel like a long time friend. Thank you Ali, I hope to see you soon to have a new adventure together!