The Silence City

Keshit Oasis

A waterfall in middle of desert


Night, Silence, Kavir

Shazdeh Garden

Persian Garden at it’s Best

Salt River

Running Through the Lut

 1 Day tour of Lut desert & Shazdeh Garden

They say sunset at Kaluts (or Kalouts) is one of the most surreal experiences, and we agree. how about you?  In this Lut desert tour we will take you to fascinating Dasht-e Lut (Iran’s first natural world heritage); visit many sites on our way (like Nebka mounds, Qanat systems and salt river*) and finally you will reach the outstanding Kalouts (it’s not actually a desert but some call it as “Kalout Desert“) for seeing the sunset**.

Later we will see visit and conclude our journey by seeing the Shazdeh Garden of Mahan.

Salt River may be dry in summers
*There is a chance that sky is not clear due to clouds or dust

We will start our trip around 2 p.m.* . In our 2 hours drive to Lut desert we will cross Sirch village and Palvar mountains where the weather is cold even in summers and as a result in this day you may experience a temperature differential of 25 degrees!

In Lut we will visit Nebka Mounds, qanat systems (ancient water system in Iran) Salt River and Egg Hills and later, we reach the Kalouts before sunset. Taking as mush time as we need, we will cherish the solitude that can be only found in Lut. Meanwhile, taking the most precious souvenir to get, photos.

After sunset we will visit Shazdeh garden of Mahan which is among the 9 gardens that were inscribed by UNESCO’s World Heritage List and you will be amazed by how the Persian gardens work and why this is the best in the word. 

Eventually in the early night time we will go back to Kerman.

Tour Details:
Start and End points: anyplace in Kerman City

Starts: 2 p.m. *

Ends: 10 p.m. *

Driving Hours: 7-8 hours

Highlights: Nebka mounds, Kalouts, Salt river, Egg hills, Shazdeh garden

Transport: New car in good condition with AC

Options: Camel Riding, 4×4, Traditional hammam

Children Friendly: Yes


* Timetable may vary a little throughout the year.

 water and juice

Over View

  • 1 day
  • Best time: Winters
  • Group size: Up to 12
  • Physical rating: 1 out of 5
  • Age group: +8


  • One person: 100€
  • Two persons: 65€ per person
  • Three persons: 55€ per person
  • Four persons: 45€ per person

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