GeliGazor | Leave All the Problems and Stresses Behind

GeliGazor is located in south of Kerman in Baft county where it’s perfect in summers and cold in winters. This region is the greenest part of Kerman and many rivers and mountains are located here. This exclusive tour of Azure Dome is a hidden gem in Kerman and probably no one knows about it; even people of Kerman. For going there we have to drive about 2-3 hours and pass one of the most beautiful and diverse road of the province. The region that we are going to see is covered with high mountains and juniper trees. Initially we have to cross a river, and afterwards we will visit 2 canyons over there that are beside each other; wet and dry canyons. First we will see the wet canyon with high walls coved in junipers and amazing formations. There is a strong river of water going through all of this canyon and in some parts the water will reach our upper body and we can swim. Later, and after having our homemade lunch we will enter the dry canyon which is a perfect place for relaxing and meditation. Therefore, listening to the sound of nature and water passing by you can practice yoga and spend relaxed time.

Leaving Kerman after breakfast and early morning, we will begin our excursions toward region of Hanza. Later, after driving about 3 hours we will reach a small village where we can park our car and get ready to start our hike.

There are 2 canyons that we will go through: 1. The wet one: it takes about 3 hours to see this amazing canyon. 2. The dry one: this canyon will need about 1 hour. We need about 2 hours more or less for the lunch. After doing all the above we will go back to Kerman and will be there in the evening.  
Tour Details:
Start and End points: anyplace in Kerman City Start: 6 a.m. * Ends: 8 p.m.  * Driving Hours: 6 hours Hiking Hours: 4 hours Highlights: Amazing landscape, juniper forest, canyoning, beautiful villages, fresh running water rivers, relaxation and adventure.   Transport: New car in good condition with AC Options: Can be done in 2 days. Children Friendly: Yes   * Timetable may vary a little throughout the year.
  • Accommodation (tents or local house)
  • Full board
  • Trasportation
  • English Speaking guide
Bring Along:
  • Hiking shoes & slippers

Over View

  • 1 day
  • Activity: Hiking
  • Best time: Spring & Summer
  • Physical rating: 2 out of 5
  • Hiking hours: 4h
  • Meals: Full board
  • Accommodation grade: None
  • Age group: +10


  • One person: 75€
  • Two persons: 45€ per person
  • Three persons: 40€ per person
  • Four persons: 35€ per person

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